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Indiana Thunder is a non-profit organization located in Northern Indiana that was established in 2005 to provide each student athlete, coach and parent a positive, challenging and rewarding environment for success. Indiana Thunder success is measured by the process NOT the result!!!

Indiana Thunder is devoted to promoting confidence, discipline, and self-esteem; all through sports-related events and activities and is dedicated to making this experience a family-oriented environment.

Indiana Thunder players learn to play the game one pitch at a time with respect, discipline, poise and integrity while honoring each other as we strive to reach excellence on and off the playing field. The Thunder player will make a committed effort to be a consistent mental, emotional and physical teammate while continuing with a plan, a purpose and having a work ethic and positive attitude that is second to none.

Indiana Thunder’s goal is to prepare our athletes to play softball at the highest level. Our focus is on creating a solid foundation in each of our student-athletes. Thunder players learn the game, learn to think the game, learn to play the game, and at all times learn to respect the game.

December 03, 2016